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We offer a wide range of employment related services all geared toward helping our candidates achieve successful placement.

Job Placement Services
We'll help place your resume on the desk employers looking for candidates matching your specific skill set. When your resume becomes part of the Richard Czop Network, we can provide you access to the nation's most current job postings and career listings. We work dilligently to place candidates like you in your ideal position.

Effective Resume Writing Tips
We'll take the time to work with you, to enhance your strengths and more importantly, help you avoid the pitfalls that many candidates face. 

Powerful Interview Tips
You know what they say about first impressions!  We'll show you how to shine at interview time. Successful candidates do not just hope to make a good impression. We have techniques that we share with our candidates exclusively that give you the upper edge. Our 25 year history of success didn't happen by chance!

Please Contact Us for today.  Put the experience and knowledge of Richard Czop and Associates to work for you!


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